Digital Technology Sabha 2022 award for Innovative Assessment Tools – NICler and TelePractice, developed by NIC Chhattisgarh

    Award for the Year: 2022

    NICler to capture MCQ answers and TelePractice for oral assessment have changed the way the formative assessment is done. They automatically capture lakhs of students’ answers to different questions which can be used for data analytics for adaptive learning. Oral assessment is an essential part of any academic activity including school education. Conducting oral practice has been one to one and hence time consuming. This project provides a technical solution to conduct oral quiz simultaneously for multiple students using TELEGRAM as front end and Python for backend processing.

    Team Members :

    Dr. Ashok Kumar Hota, Scientist-G

    A. K. Somasekhar, Scientist-F

    Lalita Verma, Scientist-B