PCQuest Best IT Implemetation Award 2009 : Computerisation of Paddy Procurement in Chhattisgarh (PADDY – Online)

    Award for the Year: 2009

    Computerisation of Paddy procurement in Chhattisgarh has been operational since 2007. All the operations involved in procurement of paddy from about 12 lakh farmers through 1900 procurement centres and its storage, milling and receipt of CMR have been computerized. Farmers are receiving online payment to their bank accounts within 48 hours of the sale of paddy.

    The team members involved in the projects were:

    Mr. Manoj Kumar Mishra (SIO-CG)
    Mr. A.K. Somasekhar (Sr. Technical Director, NIC-CG)
    Mr. Manish Kochar (Scientist – ‘D’)